26 Sep

I Love Old Fashion Television!

The one constant throughout my life has been television. I love reality television, movies and information shows that help me learn. My career for the last 25 years has been based around television and the various off shoots of television.

Remember the big television set in the living room with the knobs. Living on the farm, we only had three channels but depending on the weather the television would pick up a fourth channel.


Then on a fall day in 1982, we got a satellite dish and that changed everything. MTV, HBO, Cinemax, and VH1 to mention a few. This was truly an amazing time for media audiences. Everything was free and you could watch anything. All you had to do was tune it in.

The the introduction of control on the satellites and scrambling/descrambling battle became the name of the game. Profits began to become an integral part of the business. The local stations still did what they did best, cover local events and gave the viewer what they wanted.


Moving to the city meant cable television. This opened a whole new world to my television viewing habits.

I also started working in the industry and got to experience first hand what television really was. Audiences wanted to be entertained and taken away to another world. There was only rumour of the new technologies that were in the horizon. To be honest, they sounded so far fetched we never thought much about it.


Then the technology bubble popped … cell phones that could surf the internet, the internet that supported video and movies, music on devices … the possibilities were endless.

Media felt this shock wave of digital technology and it had to re-invent how to reach the audience. I didn’t need to wait for the 6:00 newscast to find out what was happening or have to go to the theatre to watch a movie.

Information and entertainment is portable and instant.

The Future

Everywhere you look, there is digital technology which is being used. No one really spends time in front of their television, newspaper or listen to the radio. Is this ancient technology dead? A lot of people think so but I have faith that there will always be the traditionalist who appreciate using traditional media.